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Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain planning focuses on creating ONE feasible plan for all planning horizons, by automatically taking into account priorities, rules and constraints.

Optilon offer Supply Chain PlanningAre you struggling with many alternative plans that are not aligned? Despite all these plans, do you find yourself lacking the one that can actually be executed upon? Do you spend a lot of time adjusting plans, to account for constraints, priorities and rules? Do you find it difficult to connect plans for different horizons, with different granularity and time buckets? Optilon provides you with a ‘one-plan’ approach, that considers the above challenges, and provides you with a feasible plan that minimizes time, cost, and resource utilization.

Creating one plan requires deep knowledge and understanding of three things:
1) What method is most suitable for your business environment, heuristics or optimization?
2) Which constraints, priorities and rules are necessary to consider when creating a feasible plan?
3) What are the planning processes that need to be supported, for example production scheduling, factory planning, master planning, financial planning, or sales and operations planning?
Optilon automates the creation of a feasible plan. With advanced scenario handling, we enable you to focus on value-adding activities, such as analyzing alternatives. This means more analysis and less manual planning, also providing you with accurate capable-to-promise (CTP) and available-to-promise (ATP) information.

Optilon has several different methods for creating a feasible plan. Through our selected partners, we can work with heuristic- and meta-heuristic approaches with priority rules, or different optimization methods such as linear programming and mixed integer linear programming (LP/MILP). With these methods, we can consider material- and capacity constraints such as:

  • Supplier capacity and material constraints
  • Production storage area constraints
  • Loading and/or unloading capacity
  • Transportation capacity
  • Personnel and staffing
  • Tool availability and machine capacity
  • Sequencing requirements

When modeling, “what-if” simulations or scenarios play a crucial role in testing changes to the plan, answering questions like:

  • Which orders will be delayed if reprioritized?
  • What happens if capacity is adjusted for bottlenecks?
  • Which customers are affected by the reduction in capacity of machine X?
  • What happens if a supplier delivery does not arrive on time?
  • How can all of the above be compared against each other?

Supply Chain Planning with Optilon

Optilon create business value through solutions based on leading Supply Chain Applications. One of our three business areas Supply Chain Planning. Are you familiar with its challenges or want to know more about how to plan one or several production factories?

Please watch our video below to learn more about our offer in Supply Chain Planning.

Our services within Supply Chain Planning

Best-practice processes within Supply Chain Planning differs significantly depending on industry. Still, regardless of industry there are challenges and processes that are similar and must be solved. Here are some examples:

Optilon - Sälj- och verksamhetsplanering

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

The primary target of the Sales and Operations Planning process is to determine what and how much your customers are going to buy, and your capability to meet this demand.

Optilon - Produktionsplanering-Submenu

Production Scheduling

Production Scheduling is the most detailed level of supply chain planning, planning allocates orders and operations to various production resources on the factory floor

Optilon - Fabriksplanering

Factory Planning

Our solutions for factory planning coordinate sales and marketing, production, distribution and purchasing to achieve delivery commitments.

Optilon - Huvudplanering

Master Planning

Master Planning addresses amid-term planning and aims to break down the customer need and put capacity and plans at group level.

Do you want to know more about Supply Chain Planning?

Please contact Magnus Edberg on +46 709 379 281 or