Optilon helps companies in the Nordics become the most competitive in the world

Optilon focuses on helping its customers utilize their resources where they generate the most value. We are a company founded by engineers that combine world-leading technology with Nordic expertise in Supply Chain.

Optilon was founded in 2005 and is today active throughout the Nordic region, with offices in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Since the beginning, Optilon has completed more than 1000 projects and are currently 65 employees.

We believe Nordic companies have the potential to be the most competitive in the world. To get there, they need to make more efficient use of their resources than their competitors. Nordic companies typically find themselves in a challenging competitive environment with high costs and a challenging geographic location.

By helping our clients to apply their resources where they have the most effect, we enable them to reach their full potential.

Our role is to provide companies and their staff with more time and greater capacity to improve their businesses. We do this by challenging conventional ways of looking at complex Supply Chains from support to delivery.

One size does not fit all
Our company was founded on the belief that a single solution is not appropriate for all challenges and companies. We continuously search for world-leading technologies that can be adapted to every conceivable customer need. This is why we have decided not to develop Supply Chain Optimization technology on our own. Instead, we identify what world-leading technology works best in specific situations.

This also means that as independent actors, we always provide objective recommendations. In other words, we combine world-leading technology with Nordic expertise.

How we work
Our Engagement Model is designed to give you a solid customer experience in all aspects of our relationship and your customer journey with Optilon. At the same time, it ensures that you get the value you are looking for.

We want to be your long-term partner to improve your business and define the roadmap going forward. Our Engagement Model is built based on our core values: humility, competence, and engagement.

At Optilon, we work in an agile way because we want to preserve flexibility in the solutions we build. Flexibility should be maintained so we can deliver solutions that add real business value.

Our values


We always ensure to build a solution that meets your needs professionally and effectively.


You have a unique business to run and a workforce to develop. We fully understand that.


With us, you will get a long-term partner with a 100% commitment to delivering a solution that provides value and takes your business in the right direction.

We’re here for you

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With our humble, competent, and engaged way of working, it's a guarantee for a result that takes your business in the right direction.

We help companies in the Nordics make more efficient use of their resources.

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