Everything you need to know about production planning

Everything you need to know: Production planning

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The typical business or Supply Chain operates in a world where the “new normal” is increased instability, brought about by a multitude of causes. Supply Chains must become more agile, resilient, automated, and efficient and this is also true for the production. environment.

Many companies are challenged by cumbersome processes to reschedule production plans, high inventory and capital tied up in stock, low level of automation, no simulation possibilities and a lack of overview and a lack of one common production plan.


Absolut company
An increased production complexity made The Absolut Company look for a better and more efficient way to manage the production of the most exported food and beverage product in Sweden. With the purchase of the company from the Swedish government in 2008, Pernod Ricard initiated a transformation of the brand. This had a large impact on the manufacturing process. Check out the case here.

Orthex company
Orthex  Group,  a  leading  manufacturer  of  household  products  in  the  Nordic, operates in a sector where the customers have high demands on short lead times and on-time delivery. When unexpected large orders are common and the company growth  increases Supply Chain complexity, it puts pressure on the production planning process and the planners involved. By implementing technology Orthex has been able to take a big step towards 100% planning control Check out the case here.

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