Solve real business challenges with AI in your Supply Chain

AI is the next generation of competitive advantages created by New Technology in the Supply Chain. Are you ready to embark on the journey?

At Optilon, we believe that the next generation of competitive advantages in the Supply Chain will come from Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We believe that it is necessary to have a platform that automates and empowers organizations to embrace the AI journey on their own. Optilon’s AI-driven solutions are designed to solve existing Supply Chain challenges without the need for deep experience or knowledge about AI.

At Optilon, we understand the critical role experienced Supply Chain professionals play in making optimization processes successful and effective. That is why our AI solutions are designed not to remove or reduce the need for such experience but instead provide you with the tools you need to handle complex processes quicker and more accurately.

In other words, we are letting our AI models do the heavy lifting while you can focus on making the decisions that matter.

AI could help you:

  • Automatically and accurately correct Supply Chain data without any defined rules
  • Predict supplier reliability and customer deliverability, order by order, day by day
  • Balance cost, CO2 emission, and distance aspects of finding optimum routing alternatives
  • Optimize assortments/stores, provide dynamic pricing, and forecast product promotions
  • Accurately predict production delay, quality, and quantity deviations
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By utilizing Predictive order Monitoring, a wholesaler increased their proactive response, as they could predict with 90% precision which deliveries were late.


By improving delivery address quality through Robotic Data Correction, a global manufacturer improved its annual domestic transportation cost by 3% by consolidating its transports.


A global manufacturer reduced their CO2 emissions by 1% and their transportation costs by 4% by evaluating their network and routes in a balanced way, using the power of statistical modeling and AI.


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