How we work

Our Engagement Model shows you how we work. We want to ensure that you get a humble, engaged, and committed solution delivery that solves your business challenges.

Our Engagement Model is the framework we work within. It is based on the ongoing relationship and ensures that we work goal-oriented, validation-driven, and flexible. The model also ensures that we build,  deliver, and integrate while also having space to explore to create the most value for you as a customer.

Competent and humble
Our Engagement Model is a generic vehicle for effective project execution and effective and flexible utilization of resources. We are humble and leverage the competencies within your organization dynamically and speedily. We consider your current maturity when guiding you on the journey. On the other hand, we challenge you to dream big to reach your business goals effectively.

We build up global and local teams with clear roles and responsibilities and address issues on time. We work in modern ways and utilize tools that support us in creating visibility and transparency in the delivery, ensuring the proper prioritization and responsiveness. Clear tollgates for project progress, combined with iterative and sprint-based development, provide early wins in project rollout.

Our Engagement Model ensures that we have a constant focus on realizing the benefits you want to achieve. We understand your business and the business environment you are operating in. This also ensures that we capture the business requirements you need a solution. We guarantee that you achieve value from your investments, realize your business transitions, and bring in innovations. 

Our workforce is multiskilled, trained, and experienced in project management, change management, integration, and implementation. The Optilon team has business acumen. We are used to working in complex and global environments and have an eye for seamless risk mitigation, ensuring business continuity. At the same time, you will meet a passionate workforce committed to delivering a seamless customer experience.

Below you will find an example of how our Delivery Model could look in reality.


Let’s optimize your business


We discover and understand your business needs, maturity, and success factors together.


We design and describe the recommended solution and how to proceed. We calculate how it will support your business objectives.


We will build the foundation for a pilot of the solution. We will validate how technology, people and processes work together in the solution

Replenishment Planning

We scale up the solution with you – in your tempo and in control.


We will identify how you can improve your business further and ensure that you are self sustaining.

We’re here for you

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Feel free to reach out for us. We are a Nordic company with a contact person near you.


Featured cases

CO2 emissions
Balance cost and CO2 emissions with statistical and AI modelling
Balance cost and CO2 emissions with an AI model
The Absolut Company
The Absolut company’s complex production made more efficient
An increased production complexity made The Absolut Company look for a better and more efficient way to manage the production of the most exported food and beverage product in Sweden. Optilon was chosen as partner.
Kronans Apotek
Kronans Apotek increases service with centralized planning
Kronans Apotek reduced their inventory levels and increased their service levels with a more centralized and automated process

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