Rethink your Supply Chain with well-proven processes and technology

There is an urgent need to rethink Supply Chains to become more agile, customer-focused, resilient, automated, and efficient. The key is well-proven processes and technology.

The typical business or Supply Chain operates in a world where the new normal is increased instability, brought about by a multitude of causes.

For example, we are experiencing increased political uncertainty, technology disrupters, climate change, emerging new business models, and the shift from globalization to economic nationalism. Customers are also raising their expectations and are demanding the same kind of experience no matter what channel they buy from.

These and other factors contribute to the fragmentation of established Supply Chain networks. Supply Chains must become more agile, resilient, automated, and efficient.

However, despite the urgent need to change and optimize Supply Chain networks and designs, many Supply Chain and business decision-makers struggle. They are trying to do so with informal business processes, ad-hoc teams, sub-standard tools, applications, and spreadsheets.

What if you could instead build, strengthen and optimize your supply chain network and design through well-proven processes and technology? We can help you implement effective business processes, cross-organizational teams, and leading-edge technology to:

  • Create a future-state roadmap with scenario comparisons and analyses that augment your business acumen and work across organizational silos.
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty by anticipating and recovering from disruptions faster.
  • Articulate complexity and events in your Supply Chain. Understand, and act upon the principles under which it operates across all its functions (end to end) quickly and flexibly.
  • Articulate the relevant actions and decisions the organization needs to take to realize its strategy and vision.
  • Evaluate the consequences and risks associated with those actions and decisions across the entire supply chain.
  • Make decision recommendations given different organizational objectives among the overwhelming amount of solutions that each scenario typically holds.
We work with areas such as:
Network Design and Optimization
Transportation Optimization
Sustainability, including decarbonization and reverse logistics
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80% of a company’s CO2 emission is related to the Supply Chain. It is important with a transparent overview of where in the Supply Chain the emission is created.


By utilizing Technology for Supply Chain planning it is easier to understand and visualize the complex and uncertain world. At it’s best it will provide you with a significant cost saving.


Streamlined transportation can provide you with not only a reduction in CO2 but also a cost reduction. We can help you streamline not only your masterdata, but also the transportation policies and design.


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