Stay in control with an end-to-end approach to Supply Chain planning

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Stay in control and optimize your business with an end-to-end approach to Supply Chain planning. Think of your approach to planning as a “cockpit”.

Ever wondered what pilots are doing in the cockpit of the airplane? Before pilots take off, they have planned their journey ahead and counted in the different variables that could affect the planned journey.

They have planned and practiced for different scenarios that could take place and what actions they require. Visibility, decision-making and actions based on the latest information from various sources is how they, the pilots, stay in control.

By replacing the airplane with a business, the planning of a journey with a business plan, and the physical journey with a physical flow of products, one suddenly realizes that the business should have access to this kind of “cockpit technology” to stay in control.

If, then they will be able to:

  • Predict more behaviors and reduce inventory levels, raise delivery performance and reduce resources used to do operations.
  • Transform the business strategy into execution with a known effect on customer service levels and overall business KPI’s.
  • Improve the accessibility, speed and quality of information flowing through the business enabling visibility, decision-making and action based on the right assumptions.
  • Identify potential problems in the physical flows of products as well as improving communication and information visibility across the company and functions.
  • Enable re-design and implementation of Supply Chains that can be configured and re-configured quickly in response to changes in the surrounding environment.
  • Design the right set-up for the Supply Chain which again helps to cope with future volatility and minimizes resource waste.

We work with areas such as:
Demand Forecasting
Automatic Replenishment & Allocation
Inventory Planning & Optimization
Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
Production Planning & scheduling
Promotions planning

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With the right platform you can easily respond to market changes. You can make smarter, data informed decisions which again can help you deliver the service your customers and the market in general are expecting from you.


Automating your processes and freeing up time means reducing expediting and operating costs. With datadriven inventory decisions you can replace excess inventory with data to drive better performance.


Automating non-value adding manual tasks with technology for Supply Chain planning is more efficient, accurate and cost effective than manual labor. 


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