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Optilon’s partners have been carefully selected and represent some of the world's leading innovators and developers of supply chain applications.

Through a close cooperation, we make sure that after your implementation is completed, the long-term management, support, and development of both the installation and application, is guaranteed. This is a result of our well-planned partnership program Optilon Application Board and a strong alliance with our software suppliers. The purpose of Optilon Application Board is to continuously scan the market and make sure that we always work with the best software suppliers in the business. Optilon Application Board also takes part in driving the development of the software, based on our customers’ needs.

Our partners:

BOARD International

BOARD International has enabled over 3000 companies to deploy Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Predictive Analytics applications.


Infor is one of the Options partners. Infor is the third largest provider of industry-specific applications for businesses.


Tools Product Group SO99 + is the market leader in service optimization and inventory optimization. We will help you with your inventory optimization and service optimization.


PLANNET is a leading supplier of advanced software solutions with a focus on advanced production planning and engineering management.


Business Intelligence and Supply Chain Visualization is an important part of Optilon projects and an area where we are working with partners such as Tableau.


We offer market leading solutions in Supply Chain Planning, Factory Planning, Master Planning & production based on InSyncs iPlanner.


Optilon solutions in Supply Chain Design is based on LLamasoft. LLamasoft is a leader in developing advanced software for Supply Chain Design.

Optilon Application Board

Many can develop good applications, but only one can be the best in what they do. That is why we founded our partner program Optilon Application Board, through which we cooperate with software suppliers instead of developing applications ourselves. This choice makes it possible for our partners to spend their time on gaining the full effects of technology, while we focus on creating the best solution for you, and you can put all your effort into optimizing the supply chain performance of your company.

The quality and long-term development of supply chain solutions and applications offered by Optilon is ensured through our partnership program. Optilon Application Board aims to ensure the quality and certify supply chain software suppliers.

Optilon Application Board evaluates the software supplier’s ability to deliver value in the areas of strategic, tactical or operational planning. The program considers specific challenges in various industries, through a holistic view of a company’s supply chain and production flow.

From a process and logistical flow perspective, applications are assessed on their functionality, usability, and their ability to support a specific planning process. From a technical perspective, assessment is based upon the modernity of chosen technology including: database, user interface, programming languages, solver, and integration to source systems, among other things.

The system supplier is also evaluated from a financial perspective with special attention to long-term survivability, references, and ownership. Analysis of short-and long-term development plans and the possibility of configurable solutions are also important to the assessment and selection process.

We believe in partnership based upon a thorough initial evaluation, followed by long-term close cooperation. Thanks to Optilon’s partner program our customers are offered first-class supply chain solutions and added value.

Do you want to know more about our partners or Optilon Application Board?

Please contact Optilon’s Application Board Director Anders Remnebäck on +46 709 379 282 or