When and how much to produce

When, where and how to produce

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Today’s challenges in production companies

The typical business or Supply Chain operates in a world where the “new normal” is increased instability, brought about by a multitude of causes. Supply Chains must become more agile, resilient, automated, and efficient. This is also true within production. 

Do you encounter the following challenges in your production?

  • Are your service levels low?
  • Do you have a high inventory and capital tied up in stock
  • Is it cumbersome to reschedule the production plan?
  • Do you have a low level of automation in your processes?
  • Are you lacking an overview and one joint production plan?
  • Are you able to simulate?

Where and how much to produce
It is essential for the business to address when, where, and how much to produce to maximize service levels and production efficiency while minimizing inventory and production costs. Effective plans are enabled with Supply Chain Production Planning technology. 

In the mid-to-long-term perspective, a feasible and leveled production plan supports production management for capacity/manning decisions and the requirements of purchase materials. In the short term, a realistic production schedule is created to support production supervisors/operators in producing the right order at the right time, ensuring high service levels and minimized set-up times.

Real-time simulations
In other words, a Supply Chain Production planning solution helps effectively and timely govern the core processes of advanced planning, scheduling, and manufacturing execution. The lean, flexible and interactive tool is designed to run real-time simulations and thoroughly analyze results, following intuitive and streamlined workflows.

At Optilon, we can help you implement effective processes through cutting-edge technology to:

  • Obtain a high degree of automation and reduce manual work for planners
  • Reschedule plans faster when prerequisites changes
  • Obtain higher service levels and reliability of promised delivery time
  • Get a lower inventory and capital tied up in stock
  • Minimize set-up time and production costs – and increase resource efficiency.
  • One common plan. Better overview and company-wide decision and communication platform.
  • To be able to work more proactively and see future problems in advance.

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