Promotion Planning

Promotion Planning Done Instantly

Optilon Crew

Webinar: How can you plan your promotions instantly and connect marketing and operations in a digital way? This webinar episode is centered around Promotion planning.

Planning promotions effectively is extremely difficult.

  • There is often a disconnect between marketing and operations.
  • The siloed planning approaches can lead to excessive stock or unmet service levels and disappointed customers.
  • Demand signals, lead times and other factors can vary significantly at the channel or store level, making promotions planning extremely complex.

In this webinar session we invite you for some inspiration on:

  • What promotion planning is
  • What challenges it helps solve
  • What the difference is between traditional planning and promotional planning
  • How promotional planning fits into end-to-end planning
  • And if you are ready for a surprise – then we will also share with you a conceptual approach on Promotion Planning from our Advanced AI Lab!


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