end-to-end Supply Chain Planning

Stay in control by implementing end-to-end Supply Chain Planning

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Ever wondered what pilots are doing in the cockpit of the airplane? It is quite like the job of the Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSO) (in Supply Chain Planning) or CFO of a company. Before pilots take off, they have planned their journey ahead and counted in the different variables that could affect the planned journey. They have planned and practiced for different scenarios that could take place and what actions they require. Just before take-off they check the latest information about weather, data around the equipment and ask for clearance. Should they encounter some turbulence in the air, or other challenges, they use their cockpit to steer the plane on a new course, but according to pre-defined policies.

They still have the end destination as their goal. Sometimes they use the control tower to check on the course, but they want to avoid using it. Visibility, decisionmaking and actions based on the latest information from various sources is how they, the pilots, stay in control.

Why should you read this whitepaper about Supply Chain Planning now?

In the fresh light of the Covid-19 disruption, many business leaders are looking for ways to mitigate risks and control of cash flow by bridging strategy and operations and creating a foundation for resolving demand and supply imbalances. In terms of competitiveness we typically see that bridging this gap and start working with planning of the Supply Chain from an end to end perspective could mean: 20-50% Inventory reduction, 75-90% Reduced workload, and 98-99,8% Stable Customer Service Level over time.

With this whitepaper you will:

• Get an introduction to why bridging the gap between operations and business plans is key to ensure top and bottom-line growth in volatile environments

• Understand why it is important to have focus on it now

• Learn how you can benefit from working Supply Chain Planning from an end to end perspective

• Get an understanding of how you can work together with a professional partner to create the foundation for an effective integration with your people, processes and technologies



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