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If you want to build a sustainable business capable of delivering the right goods and services at the right cost, you need to build the right network as the foundation. We suggest you use advanced technologies within Supply Chain design. In this brochure we have gathered some of our resources which can provide you with a deeper understanding of the Supply Chain design field. Also we have gathered some of the benefits of using advanced technologies within Supply Chain design.

1. Getting the journey started, understanding Supply Chain design

Why should you make optimizing the Supply Chain network a strategic priority?
Find all the arguments in this blog post. 

What are the benefits of utilizing advanced technologies within Supply Chain design?
From our experience, when Supply Chains are designed to adapt and evolve, companies are prepared to make tradeoffs, optimize policies, develop scenarios, and accelerate the time between making and executing decisions. We typically see a reduction in time to develop and deploy optimized solutions by up to 80%. Leaders are empowered to make the best decisions based on valuable Supply Chain intelligence. At the end of the day, it benefits the bottom line and gives the flexibility to manage constant change and risk. Learn more in this blogpost.

Transform with a resilient Supply Chain design (whitepaper)
Would you like to understand more about Supply Chain design – then we urge you to download our whitepaper on Supply Chain design right here. 

Check out all the other arguments in this blog post.

2. Understanding the details

What is a Supply Chain digital twin?
Checkout this blogpost on why a digital twin can help you create a competitive advantage.

What are the ingredients to a successful Supply Chain design environment?
In Optilon we have worked with Supply Chain design for more than 15 years. Learn more about what we think are the ingredients to a succesful Supply Chain design environment right here.

Checklist for your approach
The starting point for your Supply Chain design journey will always be your own Supply Chain challenges. Use the following frameworks to become sharper on why it could be useful for you and your company to utilize advanced technologies within Supply Chain design. You can download them right here.

3. Finding the right partner

We are here to help you choose the right journey
Our engagement model shows you how we work together with our clients. We want to ensure that you get a humble, engaged and committed solution delivery that solves yoiur business challenges. Learn more about how we work right here. 

Would you like a product demonstration? Please feel free to reach out to us.

You can always find more resources in the Supply Chain design hub.

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