Transform with a resilient supply chain

Transform with a resilient Supply Chain Design

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Transform with a resilient Supply Chain. Persistent challenges from increasing customer demands, disruptive competitors, and economic fluctuations make the optimization of Supply Chain Designs harder.

Various megatrends mean that Supply Chain complexity and risk are growing. Decision making speed and quality need to increase to enable faster recovery from disruptions. At the same time, there is a need to handle real-time data and complex business requirements across multiple networks – and balance risks and trade-offs.

While many risks to the Supply Chain come from the external environment, such as war, pandemics, and earthquakes, there is growing evidence that the Supply Chain structure is itself the source of significant risk.

The ideals of a fully integrated, efficient, and effective Supply Chain
The challenge of the Supply or Operations manager is to achieve the ideals of fully integrated, efficient, and effective Supply Chains capable of creating and sustaining competitive advantages. They must balance downward cost pressures and the need for efficiency with effective ways to manage the demands of market-driven service requirements. At the same time, they need to ensure a resilient and transparent Supply Chain.

By democratizing the processes and thereby reducing functional and data silos, creating an environment for constant learning, using a Supply Chain digital twin to visualize the current Supply Chain and advanced algorithms to model the future, there is an opportunity for ambitious companies to move from episodic one-off design reviews to a state of continuous design. To many, that means transforming from a manual approach to a digital one.

In this whitepaper, you can learn more about what Supply Chain design and resiliency are. Reading this whitepaper will provide you with insights on how you can transform with a resilient Supply Chain by utilizing Supply Chain Design while ensuring that it provides you with a competitive advantage.

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