Ingredients to a successful Supply Chain design environment

Ingredients to a successful Supply Chain design environment

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 Every Supply Chain leader seeks an optimally designed network to reduce costs while improving resiliency, efficiency, customer service levels, and competitive advantage. Furthermore, business and Supply Chain leaders understand that changes in demand, service expectations, market costs, and reverse logistics can affect the effectiveness of Supply Chain networks. Hence, it could be a business advantage to periodically re-evaluate the Supply Chain design or determine whether a restructure is needed. However, this can be pretty costly and time-consuming when done manually. That is why companies are looking to use Supply Chain design technology. Here a successful Supply Chain design environment plays a key role.

This blog post will look at what a successful Supply Chain design environment is all about. Before that. let’s recap what the business benefit’s of implementing Supply Chain design technology is: 

Business benefits of Supply Chain design technology
There is clear evidence that companies that implement digital technologies fueled with new data sources to test, learn, and adapt rapidly, can outpace their competitors. It is not just about dealing with the challenges and issues of the day; it is about using a culture of technology and digital tools that enable you to be ready for the challenges that are yet to come.

With Supply Chain design technology, you can:

  • Make more automated decisions
  • Quicker deployment to users in the organization
  • Gain proactive insights
  • Continually revisit the Supply Chain design
  • Make faster decisions
  • Drive insights through relevant data

If you choose to implement a Supply Chain design technology, you will typically be able to realize the following business benefits:

Successful ingredients to a thriving Supply Chain design environment

In Optilon, we worked with Supply Chain design for more than 15 years. From our experience, the most innovative companies are combining the following “ingredients” to form their approach to Supply Chain design:

  • They identify challenges and business opportunities in their existing Supply Chain
  • They ensure that the technology, powered by AI and machine learning, fits the maturity of the company
  • They create a dynamic data model with internal and external data sources
  • They tailor the solution with a personalized experience for anyone in the organization
  • They ensure C-suite commitment and engagement as well as a growth mindset
  • They build governance processes and structures that support an ongoing refinement of the optimal Supply Chain design
  • They continuously invest in building skills and competences

If you are looking for a partner to take your Supply Chain design to new heights, we urge you to contact us. We would love to have an informal discussion about the business benefits you are looking to achieve and how we can help you achieve them.

In the meantime, feel free to download the below checklist. It can help you determine what your future Supply Chain design model should cover and what business benefits it can provide you.

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