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Transportation Modeling

Manufacturing and distribution companies often spend significant sums on transportation. Changing fuel prices and other variables often make planning of future distribution very challenging. Which is why transportation modeling is of importance.

Optilon offers solutions for the modeling of a company’s complete transportation network so that optimal routes can be identified based on total cost, while taking into account specific constraints and rules.

Example questions for transportation modeling include:

  • What are the optimal transportation routes for the current supply chain set-up?
  • How does the choice of transportation mode affect cost, service and lead time?
  • What is the optimal material based on today’s supply chain set-up, such as which markets/customers should be supplied from specific terminals?
  • How do changes in the supply chain set-up affect existing transportation routes?

Learn more about our offerings in Supply Chain Design.

Do you want to know more about transportation modeling?

Please contact Optilon’s Sales VP Sales & Marketing Jens Stenquist on +46 709 379 285 or