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E-commerce Retail and Wholesale

With the ability to truly understand your customers' buying behavior, combined with insights regarding your product characteristics, Optilon can provide you with the possibility to identify the most efficient promotions, guarantee product availability, improve margin, and boost sales.

In today’s situation where your products, prices, and availability easily can be compared with your competitors globally with just a mouse click, the competition is tough, no matter if you have an e-commerce, multichannel (omnichannel), retailer or wholesaler set-up. Your customers expect instant delivery, to any geographical location, with the lowest possible cost. You also need to adopt a unique customer experience in terms of what to promote, how to present your products, and continuously improve your rating on the search engines. Finally there’s a massive amount of data generated that is supposed to help you but the question is how? In this situation things can easily be seen as impossible, which is true if you do not adopt new ways of working.

Optilon is specialized in helping you move from data to knowledge and decision making. We combine our experience, your knowledge together with standard applications for advanced analytics and supply chain optimization. This means that we can help you understand your future demand and what activities to run to increase sales, while also optimizing the inventory you need to have in order to guarantee availability over time.

When focusing on sales growth we provide you with information such as:

  • What different promotion attributes such as discounts, advertising, extra display, has true impact on your sales and to what extent?
  • How should you combine them for future promotions in order to boost sales for your various types of customers and how much sales growth can you expect?
  • What products and offerings should be exposed for the individual customer to improve the customer experience?

In these cases, we are equipped to handle large amounts of data. Our solutions use advanced analytics in order to find correlations and connections that are impossible for the human eye to detect. These insights can then be transformed into decisions when setting up future promotions, loyalty programs and newsletters. To improve margins, we work with our service optimization method to understand your demand variability in a completely different way compared to traditional methods. Since this approach is highly automated, it fits a business environment with significant changes in the product portfolio or a large spread of product portfolios perfectly. Especially if there are large amount of products, wide spread of customer demand, high volume down to slow movers, a lumpy demand pattern, or short product life cycles. Through this, we are able to identify what safety stock levels you need to have in order to guarantee availability over time and at the lowest possible cost.

For more information, please read about Service Optimization.

Do you want to know more about our services for e-commerce, retail and wholesale?

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Daniel Göransson