Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2023

From Boring to Boardroom

Supply chain has always been a vital aspect of business operations, but recent worldwide events have highlighted just how critical it is.

How can companies take advantage of this new supply chain era? Can AI and robotics revolutionize the industry? How does China shape the future of trade? That’s just some of the topics that were discussed during the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2023.

The event truly showcased how the supply chain shifted from being boring to a highly prioritized subject in the boardrooms.

In case you missed it, or want to share it with a colleague, we have gathered all the inspiring keynote presentations and the panel discussion on this page. Enjoy!

Watch the highlights from 2023

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Jesper Metz

Jesper Metz


How Supply Chain Analytics create clarity and E2E optimization

Katarina Blomkvist

Katarina Blomkvist

Uppsala University

Building the supply chains of tomorrow

Danica Kragic

Danica Kragic


Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Robotics: hopes and challenges for the future

Nicklas Jonsson

Nicklas Jonsson


Powerfoyle – Doing what has never been done before

Patrik Johansson

Patrik Johansson

Stora Enso

How to drive and challenge a Global Traditional company in Supply Chain innovation

Christina Boutrup

Christina Boutrup

Journalist & China Analyst

The china factor – how china shapes the future of trade

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

The panel

Panel Discussion: Supply Chain – From Boring to Boardroom

What others thought about the event?

"You're often just involved in the daily work, but this is a nice opportunity to get a bit of a distance and see what other people in the industry have been doing. Peering into the future to be mentally prepared!"
Jan van Eimern
Daniel Wellington
"I really liked the range of the speakers. It's been practical issues and examples how to solve them, to interesting inputs from a theoretical point of view. A wide variety of topics!”
Klas Sjöberg
Proxio Systems
"What I enjoyed the most was getting more perspective. We are very in to supply chain every day, but it's still good to hear other people's thoughts and talk to different people."
Linda Nodén
Stora Enso
"Good speakers and very inspiring to listen to what other companies has achieved and accomplished in this area!"
Ulf Andersson
SKF Group
"I'm very impressed by the audience and specially the speakers. It's a very joyful event. They show that supply chain planning isn't boring anymore - it's interesting!"
Michael Haiber
"I think it was super exiting that we covered the entire supply chain. It was also very good diverse presentations. I liked it a lot!"
Christoph Stalder

Photos from the event

Get a glimpse of the action and excitement that unfolded throughout the event.

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