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Supply Chain Trends in 2019

Supply chains are becoming increasingly globalized and complex. Therefore, companies must leverage on technological developments to make their supply chain more agile and collaborate with all of their trading partners in their supply chain network as well as in the broader business ecosystem. Gartner has identified the top technology trends for 2019 that have a broad impact on supply chain management but have not yet been widely adopted.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology trend of particular importance. It is a preconfigured software instance that allows for autonomous execution of a combination of processes, activities, and transactions in one or more unrelated software systems. In matters related to supply chain, RPA tools help cutting costs, eliminating keying errors and speeding up processes.

Advanced analytics is another crucial technological trend that can be deployed in real-time or near-time situations, where the availability of relevant data provides the ability to extrapolate the current environment to predict future scenarios and make profitable recommendations. Artificial intelligence is a subset of advanced analytics, and the technology can automate various supply chain processes such as forecasting, master data correction, and campaign planning. Blockchain is a technology that potentially can fulfill critical and long-lasted challenges related to traceability and security in global and complex supply chains.

Digital supply chain twin is currently one of the most common trends according to Optilon. A Digital supply chain twin is a digital representation of a company’s real-world end-to-end supply chain. It includes i.e. suppliers, factories, warehouses, distribution channels, products, and customers.  The end-to-end visibility that is synchronized with the real-world supply chain creates a comprehensive foundation for all types of decision making, from strategical to operative.

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