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Ramirent, a leader in the equipment solutions business, is teaming up with Optilon to ensure availability regardless of the season.

Ramirent, an equipment rental solution generalist, is working together with Optilon to enhance their supply chain planning processes. To bring this collaboration to fruition, capabilities for Demand Planning, Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization and Replenishment Planning will be implemented.


Ramirent provides rental solutions for machinery and equipment to different sectors (e.g. construction, energy, manufacturing, public) from light machinery, heavy machinery and lifts to tower cranes, modules and scaffolding. One of their missions is to ensure that the equipment is available whenever the customer needs it regardless of the season, without creating overcapacity.

During the collaboration, the aim is to enhance the forecasting process, which will allow Ramirent to better understand the seasonality of the demand and optimize the stock balance in the central hub and customer centers, thereby securing availability of goods for the customer. Additionally, the collaboration will provide Ramirent with support for planning return flows while making the SKU flows more visible and synchronized along the whole chain. To achieve these objectives, Optilon will implement its trusted partner ToolsGroup’s application SO99+ (Service Optimizer 99+) with the modules for Demand Planning, Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization, and Replenishment Planning.

About Ramirent

Ramirent is a leading company in the equipment rental solutions business. It was founded in 1955 and runs operations in 10 countries. The vision of Ramirent is to be the leading and most progressive equipment rental company, offering efficiency and safety improvements by combining machines, services and know-how into customized rental solutions.

Do you want to hear more about the work Optilon does with Ramirent?

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