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2017, another record year for the Supply Chain Conference

Supply Chain Conference 2017, with speakers from Amazon, Carlsberg, IKEA, SKF, and more, broke last year's record with more participants than ever before.

Nearly 300 supply chain professionals signed up for the Supply Chain 2017. A major increase since 2016 and Courtyard by Marriott were filled on both Supply Chain Academy, and Supply Chain Conference.

One factor of the success might be the speakers during the final conference day. Tetra Pak, Kronans Apotek, Tesla, and Uber, have all taken the stage during previous year’s conferences. This year was no exception and the list of speakers included supply chain professionals from companies such as Amazon, Carlsberg, IKEA, and SKF.

In addition to the supply chain professionals, an inspirational keynote was given by Danish speaker and digital entrepreneur, Christiane “Elektronista” Vejlø. Christiane Vejlø gave an update on the digital landscape every company operates in and its effects.

“It was a true honor to have so many good speakers on stage and to top it off with Tim Collins, Vice President of Worldwide Logistics, from Amazon’s headquarters in Redmond. It says something when speakers from large countries and global companies wants to join an industry conference in Sweden. The energy from the speakers and participants during Supply Chain Conference, is something that also makes us proud at Optilon. I hope that Optilon with this yearly conference, inspires the Nordic to stay on top of supply chain,” said Richard Barkevall, CEO, Optilon.

About Supply Chain Conference

Supply Chain Conference is a two days event and a Nordic industry forum. Its purpose is to leverage the supply chain business in the Nordic region. The first day consists of different supply chain trainings and the second day of speakers providing best practices and inspiration. Both of the days aims to bring supply chain professionals together and bids opportunities for networking. Supply Chain Conference was founded in 2005 and has been managed by Optilon since the start.

About Optilon

Optilon creates business advantage through solutions based on leading supply chain applications. Optilon takes a holistic approach to planning and optimization for companies within both manufacturing and trade, implementing market leading solutions and processes. Optilon uses its expertise to choose among the leading and most innovative applications on the market.

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