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Product Introduction & Phase Out

Product introduction or phasing out old products can often disrupt supply chains as sizeable changes need to be asserted to flows and policies.

Optilon works with solutions that give you the opportunity to create alternative scenarios for assessing uncertainties in relation to new products and phasing out of old products.

Example questions for product introduction and phase out analysis include:

  • How should specific new products be distributed and stored in the supply chain?
  • How will the existing range of products be affected by additional new products?
  • What is the optimal material flow base on today’s supply chain, such as which markets/customers should be supplied from which terminals?

Learn more about our offerings in Supply Chain Design.

Do you want to know more about product introduction & phase out?

Please contact Optilon’s Sales VP Sales & Marketing Jens Stenquist on +46 709 379 285 or