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What do we offer

Optilon helps you optimize and plan the supply of products and articles. We have comprehensive solutions to help you with all your challenges. We divide our offer in the six areas that you can read more about below.

Optilon offer

Optilon – Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning

Within supply chain planning Optilon performs analysis and implementation projects with the purpose to streamlining corporate planning processes.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Why should supply chain base on advanced analytics? Advanced analytics includes both predictive- and prescriptive analytics, targeting different challenges. Read more.

Optilon – Serviceoptimering

Service Optimization

Within Service Optimization performs Optilon analysis and implementation projects for setting optimum service to the entire range from an overall service level.

Optilon – Supply Chain Visualization

Supply Chain Visualization

Supply chain visualization is about simple, intuitive and efficient distribution of analysis results to create awareness. Therefore, supply chain visualization is an important part of all our projects.

Optilon – Supply Chain Design

Supply Chain Design

The purpose with supply chain design is to understand and model your current supply chain, evaluate any future state of your supply chain and also to present the optimal supply chain setup.

Optilon – Operationella Strategier

Operational Strategies

Operational strategies is about transforming overall strategic goals into appropriate supply chain parameters in such a way that strategies and guidelines are automatically implemented in your day to day business.

We want to provide you with tangible benefits

The value we create in our projects can be illustrated with five distinct concepts:

Guaranteed Availability

Predictions and forecasting are turning more and more insecure as today’s environment in terms of market and sourcing are constantly changing. Despite this turbulence, we can provide you with methods that guarantee availability of your products according to targets, without breaking the bank.

Business Process Automation

In an environment with more and more data, where faster and more accurate decisions are necessary, human intelligence should be focused on extracting knowledge out of data. We automate underlying supply chain processes such as strategic planning, forecasting, and production scheduling, to allow you to focus on analysis and fact-based decision making. In addition, we constantly reduce inventory, time and costs allocated to your underlying supply chain processes.


It is natural for supply chain processes to cross several functions within the organization. Still, understanding the impact for all stakeholders is difficult, creating challenges when changes are necessary. Getting everyone to agree on the problem is the first step in solving it.

We help you to ask the right questions and mobilize the organization around the same supply chain goals. Through visualization, you and all your stakeholders will understand the current, and any possible future state of your supply chain.

Trial without error

There are many moving parts in a supply chain and sometimes understanding what affects what is difficult. This can relate to your total supply chain network cost, the buying behavior of your customers, factors driving additional sales, or the true cost of availability for each product in your portfolio, considering its specific characteristics. Combined with many unpredictable future scenarios, an intelligent way to make decisions without taking the risk associated with testing it in practice is needed.

We build models and scenarios for you to understand and improve your current supply chain performance, as well as help you to visualize future alternatives in order to lower total cost, improve sales, understand risk, and boost margins. You will be well prepared to make the right decision. Fast.

Relationship & Integration

Supply chain development projects are complex, due to the cross-functional nature of the processes involved, and the advanced technical skills needed in integration, analysis, and optimization. We as a supplier understand the importance of assuming full responsibility for a delivery, meaning business processes, integration to and from source systems, implementation, and support after go-live. We are not locked to a single IT application, and can create made to measure solutions with a truly modular supply chain architecture. All of this ensures that we deliver what we promise, during and after the implementation. With numerous successful implementation to show, we have proven our ability in delivering with speed, flexibility, and quality. Our customers view us as a long-term partner in developing supply chain capabilities that leverage their existing investments in processes and IT. We provide our services using different delivery modes, from business process outsourcing to “traditional” implementation. This allows you to find a model which is commercially viable for you. Our goal is to have you as a reference customer within six months after go-live.

Do you want to know more about our offer?

Please contact Optilon’s Sales VP Sales & Marketing Jens Stenquist on +46 709 379 285 or

Optimizing Supply Chains

Optilon goal is to be an independent supplier of the very best applications and solutions in Supply Chain Optimization. Are you interested in knowing more about us, what we do and what makes our offer unique on the market, please watch our video “Optilon – Optimizing Supply Chains” below.