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Merger & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions typically involve substantial changes in the supply chain, with the goal of keeping costs under control. Redundant units, assets, suppliers, clients and products often make the analysis complicated.

Using our solutions, you can model the entire supply chain to evaluate possible scenarios and optimize the new supply chain structure and flows. This will enable you to understand the new company’s costs and ability to meet market demands.

Example questions for merger & acquisition analysis include:

  • Which factories and distribution centers should be retained and which should be closed?
  • Will an increase in demand make it necessary to build more facilities, if so, where should these facilities be located?
  • What are the implications on cost, service and lead time of strategic supply decisions such as outsourcing or consolidation of suppliers?

Learn more about our offerings in Supply Chain Design.

Do you want to know more about merger & acquisitions?

Please contact Optilon’s Sales VP Sales & Marketing Jens Stenquist on +46 709 379 285 or