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Sonja Saloranta

Working at Optilon is fun as you spend a lot of time with your colleagues after working hours. I haven’t experienced such fellowship at any previous workplace.


Sonja Saloranta, Service Manager
martin durango

Working at Optilon offers the perfect balance between technical deep dives and holistic and conceptual consultancy. You are entrusted with responsibility and my colleagues are always supportive.

Martin Durango, Business Consultant Supply Chain
Nathalie Johansson

To work with something purposeful that is constantly challenging you makes no day like the other. Great colleagues and a super friendly atmosphere gives you great energy!

Nathalie Johansson, Business Consultant Supply Chain

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We always ensure to build a solution that meets your needs professionally and effectively.


You have a business to run and a workforce to develop. We fully understand that.


With us, you will get a long-term partner with a 100% commitment to delivering a solution that provides value and takes your business in the right direction.

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