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Greenhouse Gas Modeling

Optilon's solution for supply chain design makes it possible for companies to take environmental impact into account, promoting environmental policy. This is called “greenhouse gas modeling” (GHG modeling), modeling carbon dioxide emissions in your supply chain flows.

The cost versus environmental benefit of emission reduction can easily be compared. Companies currently using this type of analysis have a unique opportunity to weigh logistical efficiency with environmental impact, while having total control and oversight of the entire network. These types of analyses often provide an opportunity to both reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce cost.

Greenhouse gas modeling contains three types of analysis:

  • Calculating an organization’s GHG-impact, based on an existing supply chain structure.
  • Determining the most cost-effective supply chain design based on goals for reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Including of emission rights, or so-called carbon offset in the calculations above, in order to optimize where and how much carbon offset that should be acquired and applied.

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