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We at Optilon are happy to share the knowledge we have gained during all the years that we worked in the Supply Chain Optimization with planning processes, supply chain applications, optimization, simulation, operation strategies and more.

Courses are aimed at those working in logistics development, planning, production and logistics management. It does not require any prior knowledge, but it is good if you are well informed in how your company’s logistics and planning processes appear so that you can translate theories into your company’s reality.

Our success is to combine the most modern Supply Chain Applications and the latest theories with real case studies. By working closely with one of the leading colleges in logistics, Linköping, Sweden: Institute of Technology, we can ensure continuous development of our programs based on the latest theories.

Introduction to Data Guru

Join our basic one-day course which will give you a deeper understanding of the potentials in Data Guru.


Supply Chain Guru - Introduction to Network Optimization

Join our basic one-day course which will give you an understanding of how you can work with supply chain design, using Supply Chain Guru as a tool for network optimization.


Demand planning - Introduction to SO99+

Welcome to participate in this on-day course where we will cover the different aspects of forecasting and demand planning in the tool SO99+. Demand planning is a vital part of Service Optimization and is a good introduction for the following course “Inventory optimization and replenishment”.

Inventory optimization and replenishment - Introduction to SO99+

Do you want to improve your understanding and skills about Inventory Optimization and Replenishment in SO99+?
We will during the day go through the basics, but also explore simulation options for different scenarios balancing stock vs. service targets and see how the system can be used in strategic decision making.

Do you want to know more about our programs or get more information about training opportunities?

Please contact Christina Lindgren on +46 709 379 292 or