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Supply Chain analysis

A supply chain analysis is a review of the companies supply chain to find the most important drivers of service, capital tied up in stock and supply cost. Our expertise within inventory, transports, forecasting, purchasing and manufacturing is substantial and in such projects we can really find expression for it.

Return on Investment analysis

To create business value is in most cases the most important purpose of our projects and that’s why return on investment analysis is an important part of our activities. If you need help in analyzing return on investment of planning and supply chain investments, please contact us.

Supply Chain Optimization advisory

Optilon’s consultants are experts within planning and optimization of supply chains. We have many years of experiences from projects within all industries. If you need guidance or analysis within planning and optimization, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Optilon’s license and support customers gets qualified help regarding their APS-system through Optilon’s helpdesk. This implies access to services such as assistance from our consultants, FAQ in our bank of experience, membership in Optilon’s forum for APS-systems as well as login to the online support, accessible from A higher level of agreement could also give priority in the support queue.
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Do you want to know more about our advisory services?

Please contact Optilon’s Sales VP Sales & Marketing Jens Stenquist on +46 709 379 285 or