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Optilon creates business value through Supply Chain Optimization based on leading Supply Chain applications. We offer among others the following services and business development. Obviously, we can also offer services to our customers' specific wishes and needs.

Supply Chain Design analysis

An analysis within Supply Chain Design involves optimization of the supply chain to find the optimal design and supply methods to meet the goals of the company. One reason to analyze might be localizing a new distribution central, or other decisions affecting the physical supply chain, another might be changed supply of a specific assortment. The analysis comprises creating an optimization model, development of possible scenarios and discussion and analysis to come up with the right decision. In many cases stocastic simulation of the model is included, bringing a sensivity analysis based on known uncertainties in reality.

Point of Gravity analysis

Optilon does point of gravity calculations for warehouses and other plants. The analysis might be a good tool when localisation of for instance a new warehouse. The calculation is carried out in three steps; Defining longitude and latitude for every supply point, Calculating the point of gravity based on flight distance and finally Calculating the point of gravity based on road distance.

Service and Inventory analysis

An analysis within forecasting and inventory aims at showing the potential of raising service and/or reducing capital tied up in stock through a new process and a new application. Based on actual customer data (demand statistics, inventory levels etc.) and given market strategies we use optimization to find the right solution where capital is used optimally. This means that the service level is optimized and the capital tied up in stock is minimized whilst taking into account given planning rules for the company. Part of the delivery is also calculation of forecasts based on the right forecasting method.

Implementation of Forecasting and Demand Planning process

In many cases a good demand planning is all about combining quantitative, statistical calculations of forecasts with a good process for collecting market intelligence. This is both concerning trade promotions and demand adjustments. Optilon works with standard applications within these areas. Thanks to these market leading tools and our competence we develop and implement processes that meet our customer’s demand’s and wishes.

Implementation of Service Optimization and Replenishment process

To reduce capital tied up in stock through cutting inventory is a goal for almost all companies. Optilon works with a standard application that can optimize the service for an entire assortment and based on that define service, and inventory levels for each SKU. To achieve the best possible output from the optimization, replenishment of the warehouse should also be optimized. Optilon carries out project where calculation of inventory levels and replenishment orders are carried out in a market leading inventory optimization tool and exported to the BE to control the inventory levels of the company.

Factory Planning analysis

In a Factory Planning analysis all planning processes within S&OP, master planning, demand planning, material planning, scheduling and factory planning are mapped. Production and planning strategies are also analyzed. Based on the result we propose an overall solution including improved processes, tools and strategies. In most cases we also create a full model with customer data in the proposed planning tool that the customer get to validate.

Implementation of Factory Planning process

Since the start Optilon has implemented hundreds of Factory Planning processes at companies in different industries throughout the Nordic region. These processes involve daily replanning of all orders so that availability in capacity, material etc. are taken into account. In many cases order generation for both manufacturing and purchasing is carried out in the optimization tool instead of the BE. The purpose of such a project is creating a realsitic plan that brings reduced inventory and WIP, shorter leadtimes and better efficiency but also to create a better and more customer specific process for those working with planning at the company. The implementation project often also involves a review of processes within execution, order entry, call-off etc.

Supply Chain analysis

A supply chain analysis is a review of the companies supply chain to find the most important drivers of service, capital tied up in stock and supply cost. Our expertise within inventory, transports, forecasting, purchasing and manufacturing is substantial and in such projects we can really find expression for it.

Return on Investment analysis

To create business value is in most cases the most important purpose of our projects and that’s why return on investment analysis is an important part of our activities. If you need help analyzing return on investment of planning and supply chain investments, please contact us. We can help you.

Supply Chain Optimization counseling

Optilon’s consultants are experts within planning and optimization of supply chains. We have many years of experiences from projects within all industries. If you need guidance or analysis within planning and optimization, please don’t hesitate to contact us. This is what we do.


Optilon offers many courses within planning and optimization of supply chains. These courses are ideal for people working with planning and optimization of supply chains or at a logistical department. In some of the courses it is an advantage if you’re currently working with the planning process so that you can share your experiences.


Optilon’s license and support customers get qualified help regarding their APS-system through Optilon’s helpdesk. This implies access to services such as assistance from our consultants, FAQ in our bank of experience, membership in Optilon’s forum for APS-systems as well as login to the online support, accessible from A higher level of agreement could also give priority in the support queue.
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