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Food & Beverage

Optilon has experience from working with some of the largest F&B clients in the Nordics. This has given us insights regarding of how to set up planning processes and operational strategies in such a way that we consider local challenges while continuously adopting to global competition.

Few industries face the same competition as the food & beverage industry. The high frequency of campaigns, and decisions regarding levelling of private label versus own brands requires full control of cannibalization effects in your product portfolio. Combined with significant seasonality, shelf life restrictions and the need for finding the right product mix, you need to find optimal solutions to stay competitive in an environment where margins are constantly under pressure.

Optilon is specialized in helping you to find the optimal balance of demand and supply. With our ONE PLAN approach we are able to provide you with a streamlined planning process. A planning process supported by the right IT- tools to enable a scenario driven S&OP-process, acting on a daily basis for decision making regarding product mix with the optimal level of inventory. With our experience, we can help you to find the right product mix in such a way that we stabilize production while still making sure that we achieve your availability targets with the lowest possible inventory investment.

We work with our unique method called ‘service optimization’ to enable us to understand your demand volatility in a completely different way compared to traditional forecasting and demand planning methods. Since this approach is highly automated it has a perfect fit for a business environment with high seasonality and many campaigns. In this environment, we are able to provide you with the insights regarding what inventory buffers you need to have in order to guarantee availability over time at the lowest possible cost, without jeopardizing shelf life restrictions. All of this results in improved margins for you.

When your focus is on increased sales, we provide you with information such as: What different campaign attributes such as discounts, advertising, exposure, does really impact your sales and how much?
How should you combine them for future campaigns in order to boost sales for your various types of customers, and how much extra sales can you expect?

For more information, please check Supply Chain Planning.

Do you want to know more about our offers for companies in the food industry?

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