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Supply Chain Design Nordic Network

Supply Chain Design Nordic Network is an exclusive network for large Nordic companies active with supply chain design. The network is supported by Optilon.

Why is a network of importance?

Networking is relationships between people and Optilon wants to facilitate and build relationships among Nordic companies working with supply chain design. The main purpose is to share professional supply chain design knowledge and experience. A Nordic network also bring the benefit of finding more geographical synergies, something very relevant in supply chain design. Knowing that supply chain design can be used as a highly strategic and advanced method, we believe in networking to further improve the experience and benefits for all, as strategy is best applied when thinking outside of the box.

How does the Supply Chain Design Nordic Network work?

There are three core principles on which the network is founded to keep a good quality and make every meeting worthy of its members’ time. Participation, trust, and continuity.

The Supply Chain Nordic Network is carried out by the members’ active participation. Members shares their own examples, experiences, cases, and contribute to the discussions. Even the meetings are held in turns among the participating companies. Members must influence the agenda by suggesting topics. Optilon’s role as a Network facilitator, is to enhance the members’ activities and support the hosting member. We never come up with a complete program the participants and the host sets the agenda which Optilon support

Another core of the network is trust. It is important that the participants get to know each other. By knowing each other you build trust, which is of importance when sharing internal knowledge and experiences. This is also the major reason behind the exclusive character of the network, invites only, to build strong relationships between members. When trust is built, you will not only share success stories but also mistakes. A very valuable knowledge.

By participating in the network, you should end up making supply chain design decisions on a better basis and at a frequency that suits your business. As the market moves more rapidly today than ten years ago, continuity is of importance to keep the knowledge alive in an agile world. At the meetings, members actively receive and give experience to help raise knowledge in the group. But a network is also usable in between meetings, you can share knowledge and experience anytime.

Participation, trust, and continuity. We believe, this is the way a network works best.

Learnings from the first meeting

Some of the topics discussed on the first meeting:

  • How to establish a Center of Excellence (CoE)?
  • What should be in a Center of Excellence and what should not?

No one came up with a magic formula but one of the participants came up with this,

”You are not a Center of Excellence before you are recognized as a Center of Excellence by the rest of the organization.”

Road map for Supply Chain Guru

LLamasoft, the company behind Supply Chain Guru, will release a new application named Supply Chain Guru X. This new product will be a mix of three different supply chain applications, LogicNet Plus, Supply Chain Guru, and CAST, with the purpose to collect the best of multiple design applications. Developing Supply Chain Guru X, LLamasoft put focus on features such as intuitive, configurable UI, fast, powerful process and costing calculations, visual analysis, platform integration, and fun. This guided them in choosing and develop functions from LogicNet Plus, Supply Chain Guru, and CAST, resulting in Supply Chain Guru X.

Reflections and summary of the day

Although the network consists of a variety of companies, with different kinds of products, and in different places on their supply chain design journey, there were nevertheless many subjects that were of the same nature. Some of the items mentioned:

  • Data quality and transfer
  • Identifying costs
  • Change management
  • Time pressure
  • Human resources
  • Project management
  • Collaboration
  • Visualization

With so many questions in common and a good flow in the discussions, the next meeting could even hold room for breakout sessions. All the members will therefore contribute to the agenda and make suggestions for what topics should be discussed. The next meeting is scheduled a few months forward from the first one. Novo Nordisk did a great job hosting the meeting at their Copenhagen office, and it is now time for Tetra Pak to host the second meeting.

Optilon look forward to continue our support of the network and its members.

Do you want to know more about the network?

Please contact Country Manager Lars Villads Krogh on +45 261 445 45 or

Lars Vllads Krogh