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Improve Supply Chain resilience with a modern approach to Supply Chain planning

Alis Hinrichsen
Alis Sindbjerg
Thought Leader & Strategic Advisor

When: December 1st at 10:00 CET

Supply Chain resilience is not only about identifying risks and planning for the unforeseen. It is also about developing modern approaches to Supply Chain planning. What does it mean?

In this session we will go through:

  • How you can better understand your demand variation and why the forecast will never be correct
  • How you can create a unique distribution curve without using incorrect assumptions
  • Identify the unique connection between service and stock level over time
  • How you can optimize inventories across the full Supply Chain together in one approach

Speakers will be Sonja Solaranta and Björn Setterstrom, both experts from Optilon when it comes to Supply Chain Planning

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