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How to optimize your production with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Alis Hinrichsen
Alis Sindbjerg
Thought Leader & Strategic Advisor

When: September 24th at 10:00 CET

If you work in the Supply Chain or operations field you probably already know that a typical challenge is to achieve the ideals of a fully integrated, efficient, and effective Supply Chain capable of creating and sustaining competitive advantages.

Downward cost pressures and the need for efficiency must be balanced with effective ways to manage the demands of market-driven service requirements. That way the Supply Chain becomes resilient and transparent. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to optimize production data is a brilliant way to ensure a utilization of the potential.

Join us in this hands-on session to explore more about:

  • What is AI and how can you use it to optimize the business
  • How can you build a predictive model to convert raw data into statistical insight in a machine learning model
  • Look at the rule set behind
  • The possibility to evaluate and enter into a dialogue about the accuracy about the model
  • Participate in a dialogue about how the insight can be converted into optimization

Speaker will be Johan Ohlin, Head of Advanced Analytics at Optilon

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