The future of AI in Supply Chain is here


At Optilon, we believe in the future and the power of our client's ability to see it clearly, not only to optimize existing Supply Chain processes but increase proactivity rather than reactivity. See the future clearly with AI solutions.

Optilon's AI Solutions For Supply Chain

Optilon's AI solutions are designed and developed to leverage existing Supply Chain data in order to solve real business challenges our clients are facing:

Robotic Data Correction

Correct Supply Chain data quicker without the need for human-defined logic and rules.

Predictive Order Monitoring

Receive accurate predictions on late supplier delivery and customer orders. 

Predictive Product Lifecycle Management

Forecast new product introductions, long-term strategic demand and end-of-sale using advanced AI algorithms. 

Consultancy & Strategy for AI in Supply Chain

Gain trusted advisor support in planning, implementing and leveraging AI solutions in Supply Chain processes.

If you're a CIO and your company does not use AI, the chances are that your competitors do and that should worry you.

Four years ago, AI implementations were rare and only 10 percent of survey participants stated that they implemented AI or planned to do this soon. This year (2019) the figure has risen to 37 percent - an increase of 270 percent in four years."

Chief of Research, Gartner

Rulex Analytics - our AI technology that tells you why

A majority of Optilon's AI solutions are powered by the state-of-the-art AI engine inside our partner application Rulex Analytics.

At the core of this AI engine lays its proprietary algorithm Logic Learning Machine which builds partially overlapping yet concise and transparent rules, not only generating accurate predictive outputs but also enabling root cause analysis of underlying conditional aspects of the data used from the many conditions which affects the predictions being generated. This clear-box approach to AI algorithms are in stark contrast to the majority of AI solutions being deployed today where the user cannot quickly understand why the algorithm has generated the predicted outcome, severely limiting trust and understanding of its outputs.

Alongside its transparent rule set, the Rulex engine also provides a wealth of data integration, data manipulation, model evaluation and model deployment features or in other words, everything needed in order to continuously and accurately generate predictive outputs, understandable and actionable to the organisation’s stakeholders.

Learn how one of our clients saved 1000's of man hours

Industry-specific AI Solutions Within Supply Chain

Optilon’s AI solutions have a wide range of cross-industry usage areas and can be leveraged for specific cost-controlling and value-generating purposes depending on the industry and vertical our clients operate in. Below are a few examples of how our solutions have been used per industry:

Manufacturing organisations often find themselves in a complex and evolving Supply Chain processes and networks designed to take in, produce and deliver its products for consumption. In order to mitigate complexity challenges, our manufacturing clients can leverage predictions on late supplier delivery for materials (our Predictive Order Monitoring solution) to reduce expose to production delays and unutilized production capacity, reduce incorrect or unstandardized delivery addresses through our Robotic Data Correction solution to aid better shipment consolidation and delivery accuracy and earlier and better forecast the demand for a new product introduced to the market using our Predictive Product Lifecycle Management solution.


The implementations of AI solutions for our Retail and E-commerce clients has presented a number of value-adding opportunities such predictions of late supplier and customer delivery in order to maintain goal-based service levels and increase customer satisfaction, algorithmic assortment optimization to understand which products can be removed without hurting margins and customer product choice and predictive forecasts on new product introductions in order to quickly understand future demand, all enabled by multi-system and third-party data inputs. These AI solutions are designed to enable large to medium-sized retail companies to leverage AI technology without the hurdles of large IT projects and can with ease be integrated in existing commerce systems.


Manual supply chain activities within Supply Chain for distribution and logistics organisations has traditionally been time-consuming and resource-dependent. To mitigate these real business challenges, more and more of our clients are utilizing our advanced AI solutions such as Robotic Data Correction to, for example, correct sender and delivery addresses, correct data quality issues within network data and optimize lead time information, this without the need for human-defined logic and at a fraction of the time needed for manual data cleansing. The implementations of these AI solutions have freed up valuable human resources and created quality data foundations for downstream processes to consume and generate process outcomes from.

About Advanced Analytics
Our Advanced Analytics team use industry-leading AI technology together with proven consultancy frameworks to deliver actionable insights that optimise Supply Chain outcomes. Going beyond traditional Business Intelligence, our team leverages existing client data to programmatically inform, predict, correct and improve supply chain processes, increasing real business value and reducing existing cost and business risk.

Interested in exploring how AI could solve your existing Supply Chain challenges?

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