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PLANNET is a leading provider of advanced software solutions, focused on production planning, scheduling and MES for manufacturing companies.

PLANNET leads customers to boost Supply Chain performance through the targeted and flexible software COMPASS10, capable of supporting manufacturing companies in lean and integrated management of production planning, finite capacity scheduling and shop-floor control processes.
COMPASS10 is able to deliver accurate and graphical analysis as well as agile what-if simulations. The capability to deliver fast response, which is fundamental in dynamics and ever changing environments is enabled by RAM – running algorithms. The modular approach provides maximum scalability and easy configuration to meet the requirements of every specific company.

Relying on an extensive experience, acquired over several decades and international implementations in a variety of successful companies in the most diverse industrial sectors, PLANNET is the ideal partner for any business that is striving to improve the performance of its logistic and production processes.

Distinctive features of COMPASS10:

  • Multi-level, finite capacity Master Production Schedule
  • MRP synchronised with finite capacity production schedules
  • Finite capacity dynamic sequencing & Rhythm Wheel Production
  • Graphical analysis: planning KPIs tree, Gantt Charts, Network analysis
  • Web-based shop-floor Panel


With Compass by PLANNET, it only takes 1 second to finite a capacity schedule of 1.000 production orders.

PLANNET has an 10% annual growth.


It takes less than 3 minutes to run the complete planning & scheduling process in Compass.

Do you want to know more about our cooperation with PLANNET?

Please contact Optilon’s Application Board Director Anders Remnebäck on +46 709 379 282 or