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Supply Chain Conference Academy

This year’s setup for Supply Chain Academy is new. The Academy day is longer and includes more training opportunities than ever before to give you the opportunity to participate in as many training sessions as possible.

What to expect from the Supply Chain Academy September 5th, 2018

Besides all the Training sessions (some based on customer stories) where you can take part of all the action, there will also be Technology Application sessions from leading companies within Supply Chain Applications.

Meet experts from BOARD, PLANNET, LLamasoft, ToolsGroup and Rulex.

During the day there will be opportunities to meet and chat exclusively with senior consultants, Doctors within Service Optimization, Supply Chain Design and Supply Chain Planning.

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Training Sessions

Supply Chain Design – based on customer stories

This session will focus on customer stories within Supply Chain Design using Supply Chain Guru (SCG) from LLamasoft. Different aspects such as optimizing the manufacturing footprint or changing your distribution network will be demonstrated, as well as how a successful transition to Guru X can be made.
During the session you will get insight into which types of challenges other customers have met and how SCG has been able to guide customers towards a better Supply Chain Design.

Service Optimization – based on customer stories

Learn by examples. Do you have questions like: How is my sales forecast influenced by promotions? How can I better calculate forecast of seasonal products? Do I have the right safety stock on my products?

During this session we will learn how SO99+ from ToolsGroup has helped our clients to improve forecast accuracy, optimize their inventory and manage replenishment.

Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling – based on customer stories

Are you interested in learning more about detailed planning problems such as sequencing together with resource balancing, considering skill constraints in scheduling and see the simulation speed that can be obtained in modern planning tools?

This session will explore planning challenges such as how to use dynamic sequencing and resource balancing at the same time and the possibilities of using skill constraints to balance resource utilization to streamline the planning process. We will also show the benefit of having the entire planning process from MPS/MRP to scheduling in the same tool.  We will use examples from our current customers who use Compass from Plannet to show how they have solved these challenges.

Supply Chain Tactical Planning – based on customer stories

Are you interested in learning more about tactical planning problems such as balancing Supply and Demand while taking finite constraints, alternative sourcing options and customer priorities into account?

This session will explore planning challenges such as how to create a constrained demand plan and generate customer quota for the capable-to-promise process, how to implement a customer priority matrix and how to model and rank different sourcing options in the supply chain. We will use examples from our current customers who use iPlanner from Insync to highlight how these challenges can be tackled.

Sales and Operations Planning

Are you facing challenges with your company’s current S&OP process or does your company lack an effective process handling these activities today? How can we deploy a process that allow us to take tactical decisions on 12-24 month and at the same time support our daily planning?

“The No. 1 challenge among manufacturing companies is connecting sales and operations planning (S&OP) to operational plan/execution” – Gartner.

In this session we look at how some of our customers have undertaken these challenges and explore how the process can vary depending on your company’s size and process maturity. We demonstrate how utilizing applications like Board can support these activities and try to bring perspectives on how the S&OP process should be designed for best connection to operational execution. Our aim is that this will be an interactive session where we discuss your current challenges and share experiences and insights.

Practical Application of Advanced Analytics in Supply Chain Optimization

This course will introduce the foundational concepts and organizational application of Advanced Analytics from a supply chain perspective with a distinct focus on Machine Learning capability, presenting ways to increase business value and reduce cost and risk by leveraging existing company data assets. Rapidly progressing from conceptual to practical application, participants will be given a live demonstration of how Machine Learning workflows can be applied to improve supply chain data quality and better inform product lifecycle decisioning through predictive algorithmic reasoning and recommendations.

Application Technology Sessions


BOARD has enabled over 3000 companies to deploy business intelligence, corporate performance management and predictive analytics application


LLamasoft provides solutions in supply chain design and is the leader in developing advanced software for supply chain design.


PLANNET is a leading supplier of advanced software solutions with a focus on advanced production planning and engineering management.


ToolsGroup is the leader in the market for service optimization and inventory optimization. Get to know their product SO99+ even more.


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