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A Full Supply Chain Conference

Today’s Supply Chain Conference and yesterday’s Supply Chain Academy are the most visited yet in the conference’s history, both with fully booked venues.

The Nordic event Supply Chain Conference, hosted by Optilon, has increased in popularity over the years. Although situated on the same location as last year, Fotografiska and Kungliga Myntet in Stockholm, this year’s event did not hold the capacity to host all of the people who wished to join. Several more seats were added during the registration until the very limits of the venues’ capacity where reached.

A record number of people gathered for Supply Chain Academy trainings such as Advanced Analytics and Visualization at Kungliga Myntet as well as the traditional Supply Chain Garden Party. While speakers such as Ahti Heinla, founder of Skype and Starship Technologies, and Dr. Danny B. Lange, Head of Machine Learning Uber, hit another record of Supply Chain Conference participants at Fotografiska.

”It is a healthy sign to see a continuous Nordic growth of the interest in supply chain. Optilon’s ambition when starting the Supply Chain Conference in 2005, was to highlight the importance of supply chain throughout a company’s business and to leverage the supply chain knowledge in the Nordics. Today’s conference is truly a proof of a progressive supply chain movement and a sign that the old fashion ways of supply chain is coming to an end,” said Richard Barkevall, CEO, Optilon.


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